Executive Committee 2020


Vijay Mehta

(269) 327-5456


Vice President

Virendra Sood

(269) 327-2846


General Secretary

Gracie Kayany

(269) 501-1254


Social Secretary

Pratima Soni

(269) 723-2473



Janaki Sunkara

(269) 372 3872


Committee Members: Pearl DeMello (269-353-6818), Kapil Mehra (269-329-1491), Nayana Patel (269-353-6737), Shantha Murthy, Neha Sharma, Swapna Gorthi (603-205-6085), Usharani Vairagounder (269-978-3251).


Questions about membership or the association policies, please contact the President Mr. Vijay Mehta (269. 327-5456) or email him.

Questions about the IAK website or the print newsletter SAMACHAR; or to suggest items for publication in the website or newsletter, please contact the General Secretary Gracie Kayany (269. 501. 1254) or email her.