IAK is a community organization for the people of South West Michigan who trace their cultural heritage to India or are interested in participating in the cultural and social activities of the association.

(PDF- Constitution of India Association of Kalamazoo)

Activities of the Association

The association organizes events around the year to bring the community members together. Here are some of the events that IAK organizes each year.

SPRING FESTIVAL: In March, we celebrate the Spring festival (holi, ugadi) with a food festival and cultural program. Stalls with food from different parts of India are set up by interested families providing the members an opportunity to enjoy the 'mela' and break out of the winter blues.

SUMMER SPORTS FESTIVAL: In Summer, IAK typically organizes a sports festival. Tournaments in tennis, badminton, table tennis, chess, etc. are conducted for men, women and children. The tournaments bring the community together throughout the summer months. The winners in each event are given trophies during the Diwali celebration.

COMMUNITY PICNIC: We also have a community picnic at one of the city parks during the summer months. This is a time for members of all ages to get together and enjoy each other's company.

MUSIC NITE: In early Fall, we usually bring a professional musical group to entertain the community with songs from India. This is also one of the well attended programs.

DIWALI CELEBRATION: In October-November, IAK organizes its biggest celebration - Diwali. For months, members - both young and old, come together and reherse songs and dances for the event. IAk Diwali is usually two hours of scintillating dance and music from different parts of India. The program concludes with the presentation of trophies to winners of summer sports tournaments and kids who presented programs at Diwali.

NAVRATRI CELEBRATION: IAK celebration of Navratri is yet another popular community celebration. In the evening of the Navratri celebration we gather in a school auditorium and dance the tradiitional navratri dance through night.

So we do have a full slate of events to keep us connected throughout the year. If you want to be a part of this vibrant and fun-loving community, we invite you to become a member of the association. To learn more about becoming a member, click here.


IAK communicates with its members through a variety of channels.

SAMACHAR: the bi-monthly print newsletter that is mailed out to the members. Here is the latest issue of Samachar in PDF.. You can also check out an archive of old issues..

IAK Website: You are here. If you want to announce any event or share any news with the community, we can post it here. Please email the item to Gracie Kayany.
Please note that any link to businesses given on this web site is for your convenience. India Association of Kalamazoo does not endorse any of the businesses listed on this site.

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