India Association of Kalamazoo (IAK) is a community organization for the people of South West Michigan who trace their cultural heritage to India or have an interest in the cultural and social life of the Indian subcontinent. This website provides you information about the activities and events that IAK organizes around the year for the benefit of the membership.

Audited IAK financial statement is available to all 2019 and 2020 IAK members on request. Please contact Vijay Mehta thru e-mail vijaymehta42002003@yahoo.com and copy will be sent thru e-mail.

1.Indoor IAK Diwali function which was planned in November this year at Chenary Auditorium is now cancelled for reasons known to everybody
2. We are planning Zoom Cultural Night to celebrate Diwali . This will be two to three hour program(zoom session) where families can present their talents. Our Social Secretary Pratima Soni will be leading this program. Details will be announced when plans are finalized
3. 2020 Membership will be extended next year and valid until Dec. 31, 2021
4. IAK is helping WMU students to pay some of their expenses using donated funds for this purpose only. A number of students who were dependant on jobs to meet some of their expenses such as rent, food, utilities etc.WMU eliminated lot of on campus jobs. IAK helped 26 students thru check payments and several others in different capacty. This help is continuing and will continue until funds are available. This is because when WMU opens on Sept 2 some jobs may come back, some may not and some with reduced hours. Monetary help is done after thorogh vetting. We will keep all donors updated with a list of all donors and the list of students who are recieving aid.
If there are any questions please call Vijay Mehta at 269-327-5456


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